50 HRS Advanced Yin Training: The Emotional Body Module Chakra Meditation & Yin


The Emotional Body Module
Chakra Meditation & Yin

Mon, 10 December – Sun, 16 December 2018

Detailed schedule:
Mon, 10. December – Fri, 14. December / 8.30 – 12.30, 14.00 – 17.00
Sat, 15. December  / 8.00 – 12.30, 14.00 – 16.30
Sun, 16. December / 8.00 – 12.30, 14.00 – 16.30


Exploring Yin Yoga poses through 20 Yin poses with modifications and variations.
Recap of 4 lower muscles groups their functions and variability.
Introduction to upper body muscle groups and the spine, including functions and variability
Chakra Theory exploration taught through the practice of Yin Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama and Sound Therapy

Learn the value of rebounds and transitions, and the impact they can have on a practice and chakral exploration.


Refining our understanding of 8 major muscle groups of the body
Explore 14 skeletal variations through Range of Movement testing in the upper body and understanding functional yoga anatomy.

Effects of Yin Yoga on the emotional and karmic body through fascia intelligence/qi/prana exploration.


What are Chakras?
History of Chakra Exploration in Yoga
Developed awareness & knowledge of 7 energetic centres in the body and how they influence our emotional, physical, mental & spiritual self
Karma & Karmic Seed Theory
Nine Levels of Consciousness
How chakra awareness can help to refine our psycho-somatic investigation
What are emotions?

Exploring 6 emotions of the body & their psychosomatic responses: Fear, Guilt, Anger, Shame, Joy, Grief.


Learn how to sequence and teach a Yin practice based on Chakra awareness.
Learn to safely encourage psychosomatic practice in yourself and for those you teach.
Learn to teach an appreciation of individuality & physical uniqueness.

Learn contraindications to Yin practices and how to modify sequences safely and thoughtfully to the individual


Open to everyone!
Previous Yin training is beneficial, but no longer required to join our training programme in December


CHF 890 / Early Birds Price until 1. October CHF 800

The course is registered under Yoga Alliance




The course will just take place with a minimum of 10 participants.
In case the course gets cancelled by the yoga teacher you will get a 100% refund of your payment.
Cancellation by you: 7 days before course begin: 100% refund. Within 7 days before course begin or now show: no refund.


About Rooted in Yoga:

Kate is a full-time, qualified and experienced yoga teacher. Her energy and passion feel infectious, and ability to teach with attention, care and thoughtfulness inspired.

As a Yin, Vinyasa,​​ Ashtanga, Rocket, Mandala, Pregnancy and Children’s trained Yoga Teacher,​her skilful style is supportive, invigorating, and informative​. Practising with Kate encourages you to recognise with confidence the emotional, mental and physical ​restrictions​ ​you may be living with, or see in the students you teach.​ Let her guides you to fully experience your practice intuitively, enabling you to develop an holistic, safe, meditative and nourishing ​teaching style.

Whether you join Kate for our JOURNEY OF THE ELEMENTS URBAN RETREAT or the 50hrs YIN YOGA TRAINING, there is no doubt the practices will leave you inspired, absorbing a powerfully satisfying experience.



„Your way of teaching I found very inspiring, making sure of the energy and respect in the class! This, I would like to take over to my work in the physical therapy office. It is great, that you provided so much background theory, and my stage of study is now the Manana; I need to organise the material and learn it.“


Please keep up with teaching great courses like this!“ Dec 2017


„Dear Kate, it’s not easy to put into words what I experienced during this Yin Teacher Training with you. It felt like we were in a loving bubble for a week. Every evening it was hard to „go back to reality“, but with all the great tools you gave us, we were able to take the Yin feeling with us in the outside world. You had such a positive influence on me during this week. You helped me open up and release some hidden emotions and thoughts. You are such an inspiration because you stay true to yourself and you are so open about your own life and struggles. You share so much and that is really beautiful about you. You’re such a shining soul. When you teach or give lectures you are so passionate about what you talk and that is really contagious. I found it really interesting to learn about all the things you covered. You are an amazing teacher. I wish I can attend your next workshops when you come back to Switzerland. This Yin Teacher Training brought me so much more knowledge about Yin Yoga and made me want to keep going deeper into my practice and keep learning about it. I am really grateful I crossed you path and hope we will meet again. A huge thank you for everything Kate !“ Dec 2017


„You have been calm, crazy and intense, a perfect mixture of all parts that make you so special and the training too.The Training was presented in an enthusiastic way, the content was related to situations in daily life, which are very true.“


You are just amazing! Great experiences out of yourlife you shared with us that made you so “not perfect” but a person you can relate too.“


Once I use to live in America someone told me That each of us has a superpower –your superpower is INSPIRATION! Thank you so much for the inspiration you gave me, you inspired me to look further into things and I am very interested in more and not just to close the chapter! “ Dec 2017



For those traveling into Zurich, you can find accommodation local to Planet Yoga through www.airbnb.com

Event information
 Eichstrasse 23, 8045 Zürich
 Kate Ashley