Yin Yoga: The Seven Energies Within

Yin Yoga : The Seven Energies Within

Workshop with Kate Ashley

Sat 8th Dec 2018
13.00 – 16.00Fall deep into our inner selves exploring the rivers and valleys of our internal energy. Our bodies act as warehouses storing seeds of every experience, every thought, every action we and our ancestors have ever been through.

These karmic seeds sit deep within affecting character, speech, habit, behaviour, decisions actions. When out of balance they store the fuel to intensify our shadow emotions (fear, guilt, worry, anger, sadness, joy) spiralling us into a world of imbalance and internal chaos.
In this practice we’ll look at the physical body and how we can use it to stimulate chakral energy as a way home investigate the emotional, energetic and mental tapestry within our inner selves.
Suitable for beginners and anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of practice physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Kate offers Yin Yoga Teaching Training in the UK, Switzerland and Portugal.

Costs: CHF 90

Event information
 Eichstrasse 23, 8045 Zürich
 Kate Ashley