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Mon, 27 Jan


Planet Yoga


Cleanse your body and create fresh energy for a rejuvenated start into 2020. Join our detox week of daily morning yoga with Sarah and eat nutritious and delicious food by Alex.

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Time & Location

27 Jan 2020, 06:45 – 31 Jan 2020, 07:45

Planet Yoga, Eichstrasse 23, Zurich, Switzerland

About the event


Cleanse your body and create fresh energy for a rejuvenated start into 2020.

Join our detox week of daily morning yoga with Sarah and eat nutritious and delicious food by Alex. You don't need to cook because EATbyalex takes care of that. Start your day with a cleansing yoga practice and create positive energy for a good start. After each morning yoga class, get your package with all your meals for the day. You will experience how clean eating and a daily morning yoga practice comforts your body and soul and gives you an energized start into the day. 


From Monday January 27th until Friday January 31st, 2020.


Planet Yoga, Eichstrasse 23, 8045 Zurich


Daily yoga with Sarah from 6:45 until 7:45am


You can collect your bag with all your meals for the day directly after each morning yoga class. Your complete package includes daily:

  • a nutritious breakfast
  • an immune booster shot
  • a whole food lunch
  • a power treat
  • protein shake (STRONG package only)
  • a cleansing dinner
  • Spirulina & probiotics tablets


Yoga & LEAN package CHF 510.-

Yoga & STRONG Package (plus protein shake) CHF 575.-

Yoga &FLEXLEAN Package (no dinner) CHF 445.-

Yoga &FLEXSTRONG Package (plus protein shake, no dinner) CHF 510.- 

The course requires a minimum of 10 participants to take place.[further info]


LEANotherSTRONGare two complete clean eating experiences with READY TO EATmeals for one week. Every day after the yoga class you get your package with all your FRESHLY PREPARED andSEASONALmeals. Yoga & LEAN package – costs CHF 510. Yoga & STRONG package costs CHF 575. And there is also the option of a Yoga &FLEXversion of both packages which has no dinners but all the other meals. This flexible option is designed for people who wish to eat out or prefer to cook at home in the evening.

No need to plan, shop or cook anything during this week. Instead, receive a daily package with all your NOURISHINGotherBALANCEDmeals. The packages offer a large VARIETYof which change every day and meals consist of:

  • a nutritious breakfast
  • an immune booster shot
  • a whole food lunch
  • a power treat
  • protein shake (STRONG package only)
  • a cleansing dinner
  • Spirulina & probiotics tablets


All the ingredients used are 100% NATURAL,ORGANIC,PLANT BASEDotherWHOLE FOOD. The vegan meals are “clean” of any processed foods, refined sugars and only gluten-free products (may contain traces of gluten) are used. Sustainability is key to EATbyAlex and they are very proud toLOCALLY SOURCEthe fresh produce from farmers around Zurich wherever possible.

Furthermore, the packages are ALKALINE. They have been specifically designed to reduce your body's acidity caused by stress and by the consumption of sugary and processed foods.


The nutrient-rich and whole food meals will give you ENERGYrather than making you tired. You will feel fuller and have less cravings. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory ingredients that are used will reduce inflammation and will support a strong and healthy gut. As a result, you will feelLEANERotherSTRONGand because all the meals are ready to be enjoyed, you will also haveMORE TIMEthat can be dedicated to yourself.


If you are new to clean eating, you will have the possibility to access the EATbyalex WhatsApp group chat where you can ask questions and where everybody shares their experience. This is also where you will receive your DAILY MENUeach day along with many further details of the ingredients being used and lots ofGUIDANCE. At the end of the week, you will receive a booklet with a series of recipes to support your clean eating journey at home. One of our goals is that youLEARNfrom this Yoga and Clean Eating experience and apply your new knowledge in your day to day life.


Sarah has always been accompanied by the joy of movement, music or nature. And since she came into contact with yoga for the first time in 2000, she has not let go of her enthusiasm for yoga.

In 2015, Sarah completed her training as a teacher (200 Hrs Teacher Training) at Planet Yoga led by Christina Waltner, Johannes Glarner, Brigitte Hauser and Edith Hauser, and has been teaching with great joy ever since. In December 2015, she started her 6-month Yoga World Tour in India with a level 2 teacher training (300 Hrs Teacher Training) with Julie Martin, Emil Wendel and Rhys Beynon. She was allowed to develop her own yoga style, to delve deeper into the wonderful philosophy and to expand her anatomy knowledge. Workshops such as "Fascia in Yoga" by Gary Carter (UK) and international classes in Thailand, Bali, Australia, Hawaii and Zurich inspire Sarah to creatively build her own classes.

Sarah has always been passionate about reversing postures and their positive effects. In 2017 she discovered yoga trapeze - a holistic training for body and mind with focus on strength, stretching and balance. It is a wonderful addition to the yoga practice on the mat and creates relief for the spine. In April 2017 she completed her training as a Yoga Trapeze teacher (50Hhrs Teacher Training) at Yogabody and founded in November 2017 her own company Yoga & Trapeze Zurich. Under which she offers three Yoga Trapeze Group Classes at Planet Yoga.

Sarah teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yin & Yang Yoga, Yoga Movement and Yoga Trapeze. Her teaching style is powerful, dynamic-flowing and physically demanding. Balancing body and mind with mindful movement and breathing is their goal. She attaches great importance to the accurate and safe mediation of body postures and to the perception in one's own body. Through meditation, pranayama and asanas, she wants to teach yoga as a method of health and wellbeing, and encourage everyone to practice yoga off-the-mat and go through life with an open heart.

Sarah is 650 Hrs Yoga Alliance certified and teaches in German and English.

You can find her classes in the timetable:

Sarah can be reached by:

+41 76 574 08 88 |


Alex is a trained plant-based chef specializing in raw foods. She studied culinary arts atPlantlabin Los Angeles from where she brings creative and exciting new recipes.

Before her studies, she already was a true foodie, either finding the latest cool spots or in hosting dinner parties at home for friends and family. Alex loves traveling and for her that means booking restaurants over accommodation. Upon her return from Los Angeles, she promised herself to bring tasty plant-based food home to Switzerland and to promote a healthy lifestyle without any compromises.

Her journey started by organizing pop-up dinners in unique locations which despite being plant-based, generated a lot of attention.

She launched in June 2018two complete clean eating experiences, LEAN & STRONG, where every day for 5 days, you receive freshly prepared and ready meals at home. Her intention in creating these packages was to showcase the incredible power that eating whole and plant-based food can have on your body and mind.

Alex also recently started organizingcooking workshopsto encourage people to cook, eat and celebrate plant-based foods. And if you have a restaurant and would like to offer more plant-based options, Alex would love to help you develop a simple but delicious set ofrecipesto broaden your offering.

Alex can be reached by:

+41 78 977 79 90 ||  

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